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VAT Registration Services in UAE

VAT Registration Services in UAE

Our VAT registration services in UAE help businesses ensure that they comply with VAT laws. We support our clients with UAE VAT registration and find out if they come under the VAT registration criteria.

After we complete your VAT-registered in UAE, you can collect VAT on your goods and services from customers. We also help you fulfill the need to remit the collected VAT to the government.

Our VAT registration services help you comply with UAE VAT laws and avoid penalties due to non-compliance. We also provide your assistance and help you claim VAT refunds after UAE VAT registration.

VAT Registration Services in UAE
VAT Registration Services

It is not straightforward to do VAT registration in UAE. Our expert VAT consultants can provide assistance in making sure that the application is submitted correctly along with the required documents. It helps you save yourself from unnecessary Hussle of document preparation and application submission. Also, in case of errors, it leads to resubmission. So, the best option is to hire a VAT registration expert in Dubai.

FAME Advisory is one of the best providers of VAT registration services in the UAE. We have been providing VAT-related services to UAE entities since the introduction of VAT in the country. With our expert VAT registration in UAE, you save time, which you can use for your core business operations.

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Our VAT Registration Services

FAME Advisory offers various VAT-related services to make you VAT compliant in UAE. We help with VAT registration in UAE for new companies and provide various other services to improve your VAT compliance.

UAE VAT Registration Services

The major benefit of getting VAT registration service from us is the end-to-end support for overall VAT compliance services with us. Our services include:

Our knowledgeable and experienced VAT professionals make your VAT journey smoother. We conduct information arrangement, document preparation, and error-free submission process ensure faster results.

We are a registered tax agent, providing professional-level VAT registration services in Dubai and all across UAE. We have the relevant knowledge, expertise, and perseverance to manage all the procedural steps. We have been successful in handling VAT registration of clients since its start in 2018.

Our support for VAT registration in UAE includes the following services:

Checking UAE VAT Registration Eligibility

If you are selling taxable goods and services in UAE, then we will check your eligibility for the VAT registration in Dubai. There are certain conditions defined by the UAE government, against which we check the UAE VAT registration eligibility:

We help you check the eligibility to see if we need to proceed with mandatory or voluntary VAT registration. We also let you know if 100% of your supplies or sales are zero-rated because that will make you an exception for VAT registration in UAE for new companies.

We also clarify the concept of tax groups to entities for the VAT registration process.

VAT Registration

Ensure VAT registration to stay compliant

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UAE VAT Registration

Assistance for the Complete UAE VAT registration Process

We help you with the step-by-step procedure of VAT registration in UAE on the FTA’s website. It needs sign-up on the eService portal, account creation, and email verification. Even after that, we will be there to support you for the post registration assistance. It requires accurate form filling followed by submission of relevant documents.

Documentation for VAT registration in Dubai

We help you with record keeping and proper documentation for VAT registration in UAE. You must submit the following documents to register yourself or your entity as a VAT registrant in UAE:

FAQs : VAT Registration Services

Yes, you can check an entity’s VAT registration on the online verification system of the FTA before engaging in a transaction with them.

VAT registration in UAE for tax groups requires companies to be established in UAE. You must register only once as a tax group, not as separate companies.

The VAT certificate includes the following:

  • VAT registration number
  • Date of registration
  • Address of the entity
  • Issue date of the certificate
  • Start and end dates of the tax period
  • First VAT return period
  • VAT return due date

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