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VAT Return Filing in UAE

VAT Return Filing in UAE

VAT Return Filing in UAE

If you are worried about the tiresome and troublesome process of VAT return filing in UAE, we are here to help. FAME can help ease this problem for you with its expert and accurate VAT filing in the UAE. We ensure professional handholding throughout the filing of VAT returns in the UAE to guarantee compliance.

What is VAT return filing in UAE?

It is essential for businesses to collect VAT from the customers for the goods and services provided. You also pay VAT for the products or services you buy or import from your vendors. Thus, in a given period, you have several VAT collection and payment transactions. Reporting these transactions and calculating the net amount is the VAT return filing in UAE.

VAT return filing in UAE is a crucial requirement of entities under the UAE VAT laws. If you comply with it regularly, your credibility in the local market improves. the presence of proper VAT invoices also helps you in smooth dealing with customers and suppliers. Moreover, the VAT system encourages saving and investing on a personal level.

Worried about the VAT return filing process in UAE?

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VAT Return Filing Process

VAT filing in UAE requires an applicant to be VAT-registered in the UAE. We help you in this process to ensure its completeness, accuracy, and on-time submission.

The following are the steps of VAT filing in UAE:

Step 1: Log in to the Portal

There is no offline way to fill out the VAT returns form in the UAE. On your behalf, we visit the FTA’s online portal. Herein, we can see the e-Services section, on which we have to click on the option of return filing. For that, you’ll need to provide us with your login credentials (unique TIN and password) to log into the portal.

VAT Return Filing Process

Step 2: Fill out the Form

The second step involves filling out the details in the application form. It requires the following necessary details:

We’ll review all the information to ensure correctness and that there are no blank spaces is essential before submission. After checking all the details, we submit the form.

Step 3: Pay the tax amount

After submission, the FTA will send a confirmation email. We will also make the due VAT payment on your behalf through any possible payment mediums. Thus, we ensure a smooth and precise process to avoid non-compliance penalties or duplication of work.

Our VAT Returns Filing Services

FAME Advisory is one of the pioneering names in the area of VAT consultancy in UAE. Our services help you comply with all the VAT requirements. Our services include assistance in VAT registration, deregistration, refunds, audits, and health checks. Besides these, you can also find proper support for VAT return filing in UAE to ensure your returns are error-free.

Our competent VAT consultants help small and big enterprises in the following aspects of VAT filing in UAE:

Want to streamline your VAT return filing in UAE?

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FAQs on VAT Return Filing

A firm in UAE must file VAT returns within 28 days of the end of the VAT Return period. It means if your VAT return period is April to June, you must file your VAT returns in UAE by the July 28th.

The standard tax period is different for different businesses. If your annual turnover is above AED 150 million, the standard tax period is one month; it is quarterly, otherwise.

If you delay the VAT filing in UAE, the FTA will levy a fine of AED 1,000 for the first time and AED 2,000 for repetitive delays after that. If your VAT return form has any error or omission, you can submit a voluntary disclosure form to rectify the same. The penalty for the voluntary disclosure form submission is fixed at AED 3,000. If it repeats the second time, the fine is AED 5,000.

Vendors selling secondhand goods benefit from the profit margin scheme under the VAT laws in UAE. Their inputs are exempt from VAT, but FTA imposes VAT on profit on the sales of such secondhand goods.

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