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Synopsis of Business Restructuring Relief Guide

The Corporate Tax Law includes provisions to eliminates the corporate tax implications of specific transactions involved in business restructuring or reorganization. Typically, such transactions like mergers or demergers could trigger taxable gains or losses, even without a change in ultimate ownership or if the original owners maintain a stake in the restructured entity. To facilitate restructuring for valid commercial reasons, Business Restructuring Relief under Article 27 of the Corporate Tax Law enables certain restructuring transactions to occur without tax consequences. However, this relief is contingent upon meeting specified conditions and requires the Transferor to elect for its application. 

BR Relief is specifically applicable in two scenarios: – 

1. One of the conditions for Business Restructuring Relief on the transfer of a Business or an independent part of a Business is that the consideration for the transfer is to be received by the Transferor. .

2. If payment in forms other than shares or ownership interests, like cash, is made, the transfer remains eligible for Business Restructuring Relief provided that the Market Value of this alternative consideration does not exceed the lower of the following-  

For the relief to apply, all criteria must be met:

Note: There is no condition in respect of the ownership of the Transferor or the Transferee. Thus, the relief covers Business restructuring transactions where a Business is transferred from one Related Party to another and also where the Business restructuring is between third parties.

Where a Business or independent part of a Business is transferred on a no gain or loss basis, any unutilised Tax Losses incurred by the Transferor in Tax Periods before the restructuring transaction, can be carried forward and are considered as Tax Losses of the Transferee, provided the Transferee continues to conduct the same or a similar Business or Business Activity as the Transferor conducted before the restructuring transaction. 

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