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Synopsis of Qualifying Group Relief Guide for UAE

1. Transferor and Transferee are Juridical Persons such as such as private or public joint stock companies or limited liability companies and incorporated partnerships.

2. Transferor and Transferee are Taxable Persons. 

3. Transferor or Transferee must hold at least 75% direct, indirect or common ownership interest in the other party, or a third person (not necessarily a taxable person) must hold at least 75% ownership interest in both Juridical Taxable Persons (“Ownership Test”).

4. Neither the Transferor or Transferee is an exempt person or a Qualifying free zone person.

5. Transferor and Transferee have the same financial year end and must prepare financial statements based on same accounting standards.

Note: Where the Transferor and Transferee elect to apply the QG Relief, they must remain members of the same QG for a period of two years from the date of the transfer in order to avoid a clawback of QG relief. Thus, each of the above conditions must be met throughout the relevant two-year period.

However, the claw back is not triggered if the subsequent transfer of the asset or liability is within the Qualifying Group or if the new Transferee joins the Qualifying Group before the transfer of the asset or liability. 

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